Snowy ride

Snowy ride

Yesterday, I was suddenly asked if I wanted to come along on a trip to a big frozen lake, located in a small valley not so far from here.

By snowmobile.

Of course I said yes!

It was a lot of fun – especially since I got to drive the machine! Over snowy fields, through dense white forests and onto the big, open white desert, which proved to be the lake, with great weather (so lucky)… that was awesome. Driving onto the lake, pushing the accelerator as hard as I could (I don’t know wether 60 km/h is fast for a snowmobile on an open area or not, but I don’t care – it felt fast!), flying over the frozen water with snow whirling up behind us in a hypnotizing pattern, only to quickly get beaten down again by the wind, felt so great. I only wished the motor would make us go faster!

When I first heard we were going to drive onto the lake, I had no idea if the lake was completely frozen, or just completely frozen over. Later, I learned that the ice was about 1 meter thick. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot, but just think about how thin the ice you’re ice skating on usually is!

As for the surroundings… well, look at the picture and judge for yourself!


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