Au revoir

This will probably be the last post (for now). I’m going home tomorrow, after yet another amazing time in Polar Park. The people of the park have really become like an extra family, now even more than before. And it’s been a privilege to work with the animals again, especially the wolf puppies. I’m realising that the work with the puppies is never over, and that there’ll always be some new stuff to do, or a project to work on – which actually means that I’ll have to stay for good – but I really need to get a move on with my plans for studying and so on. So, I have to leave the park once again, but this time, I know for sure that I’ll be back. I don’t know when, but it’ll probably be sooner than you think!

Until then, I only have left to say that I love every one of you amazing people in the park, and I’ll miss you and the animals immensely while I’m gone.

See you soon! ❤


Busy days

I know there hasn’t been much activity on the blog lately, but it’s been some busy days in the Park, and I haven’t really had the time or opportunity to get some good pics or post something interesting… Sorry!

I will be going home soon – in a week, more or less – and it feels weird. But it doesn’t feel like the last time. It feels more like I know that I’m just going away for some time, and then I’ll be back and visiting soon enough. And that’s a good feeling!

But it’s also going to be nice to go home and see friends and family again. And since I have to stop at Oslo on the way home, I decided to stay a couple of days to see some of my norwegian family. I can’t wait – it feels like so long since I’ve seen them!

I’ll try to get some good stuff on the blog before I leave… but, as I think we all know now, I’ll be back in the park pretty soon, even if it’s just for a short visit.

For now, you’ll get a little picture of one of our arctic foxes. The picture was taken a while ago – now it’s much more like winter outside!

Bitchfighting (literally)

You might think the title of this post sounds a bit, well, rude, but it’s the truth. Lately, two of the female puppies have been fighting quite a bit (they always end up as friends, though), and as with dogs, a female wolf can be called a bitch (pretty sure of this, but if I’m wrong, please tell!). So, we’ve been present inside the enclosure with the puppies during some of these ‘fights’, observing the puppies and their behavior. It’s very, very interesting, and even though it looks like they’re about to kill each other, they’re actually just being very clear with their body language. Curling lips, flattened ears, flashing teeth, making their body look bigger and pushing the other puppy are just some of the more obvious signs they use towards each other, and it’s very interesting to see! I think so, anyway.

As you can see in the first picture, one of the puppies (to the right) is curling her lips. It might look as if it’s meant for me, but the puppies never fight with us or show any aggression towards us. We never take anything from them, such as food or bones they’re chewing on, and we never go in between them when they fight. Thus, they never have any bone to pick with us (pun intended).

Enjoy the pictures!

Practicing #4 – now with Auto!

Ok, well, to be honest, all these pictures in this post were taken with the camera on Auto mode – and not the AP mode, which I’ve been practicing lately. I refuse to be a slave of the Auto mode and all it’s simplicity, seeing as the ‘point-and-shoot‘-thing really makes me feel like I’ve used a lot of money on a great camera, but I’m not clever enough (or just too lazy) to learn and use all the amazing features and possibilities that the camera offers. Which I think is stupid.

The thing is, it’s not that stupid. I mean, I think it’s a shame when people buy an amazing camera and don’t use it to its fullest. But I have to admit that sometimes, the Auto mode is okay. Take today, as an example. I’ve been practicing the AP mode for days now, and I’ve begun to understand it and control it (adjusting the aperture and f/stops). This also means that when I use Auto mode, I know what it means when the camera sets those settings itself. I understand the effects of the settings (the ones I’ve learned to master so far), and it gives me a lot of info about why the picture turned out the way it did. So, Auto helps me learn, and gives me great pictures at the same time (most of the time).

In my case, today, I also learned that Auto might not always be the best choice, though. Taking snaps of constantly-moving wolf pups makes you realize that Auto sometimes takes the easy way and gives you a great picture of a beautiful landscape – with grey, blurry fur-balls in the front. No, that’s not what I wanted, but thank you for that extremely detailed fence in the background. Therefore, I also tried out the Sport mode (for fast moving objects, if you should ever be in doubt), but it wanted to use flash all the time – which I didn’t like. Back to AP to try out some close-ups, but with the puppies moving around, I decided to give Auto another chance and took some more shots, just to see what kind of settings the Auto would make, compared to what I thought would work. Sometimes I agreed with the settings, sometimes I didn’t, and a lot of the time, I learned something. Which is good. Right?

Next time, I think I’m going to try out some of the other modes and see what I would like to explore further. Although I’m still pretty determined on getting the next pictures right (by myself) when it comes to the AP settings. Hm. Maybe I just have to suck it up and continue the AP fun? The tricky thing is knowing how to get the right amount of f/stops, but at the same time be confident that the light is right, that the puppy won’t move, and that the camera has chosen the right spot or area to focus on. I know there’s also something about being able to manually choose where you want the focus point of the camera – but I doubt that’ll be very helpful, since (as I’ve said before) the puppies almost never stay still. Anyway, this post turned out to be far longer than I expected. Hope you’re not too bored when you make it to here (if you make it to here at all). But thanks. And I hope you like the pictures!