I was able to play around some more with my friend’s camera, and I’ve started to practice the different settings and opportunities, that the camera offers. Right now, I’m on the AP mode (aperture mode). It’s basically about controlling how much depth you want in your picture – for example, in a landscape scenery, you want both the smallest flowers in the front and the giant mountain in the background to be sharp and seen, whereas if you’re working on something like a portrait, you might want to focus on the face, but keep the background blurry.

So, that’s what I’m trying to control. Since I’ve been focusing on this one thing, other things (like light and the stillness of the camera) came second… So, these pictures are NOT perfect, and I’m not 100% satisfied. But I know that it’s okay, since this is practicing. And it’s a process. So I decided to share these pics (and some more to come) with you.

Hope you enjoy!

PS: I know the pictures are a bit gray, but the light was weird that day – anyway, I didn’t want to do any retouching, so you’re getting the natural version…


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