Poor-looking creatures

Spring is here! That means all the animals are changing form Winter so Summer coat. Oh, and did I mention Spring only lasts like a couple of weeks here? We almost go from Winter to Summer in a week…. Weird! We’ve had three days with almost 20 degrees Celsius, then two days with 7 degrees, and today, again close to 20… literally Summer and Winter crashing together!

This quick pace of the seasons means that the animals are rapidly changing coats – and thus, they’ve all begun to look… well, I’m not sure if ‘poor’ is the right word, maybe puny or measly or maybe just sick. Anyway, my point is that they’re all fine – they are supposed to look like this for a couple of weeks, and then they’ll look great again.

Right now, the deer look especially bad… Soon, the arctic fox will follow (already now, their fur just flies off when you pet them! I thought my dog at home shed a lot of fur, but this is just insane…), and the wolves as well… But it’s very very interesting to see and follow day by day.


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