I’m back!

Finally! Even though it was so great to see my friends and family again, and I had a great time in both Norway, catching up with the norwegian part of the family and having a great day on the 17th of May, and Denmark (even though I got pneumonia and was sick for just about a week – my whole week in Denmark!), and I must admit I had totally underestimated how much I’d actually missed everyone, it’s nice to be back. But this time, it’s a bit strange – since I know I only have 2 months left, then it’s home for good! I just have to make the most of the time – 2 months might sound like a long time for some, but up here at the Park, time flies!! Especially now with the summer season, which is our high season, starting in June. That means daily guidings (not only on weekends), and also baby animals for the petting zoo (I think we’re going to have lambs, calves and maybe goats), longer opening hours and a lot more things happening in the Park – will update you as time goes – and just a lot more people in the Park!

So, it’s going to be a great but busy ride – exciting!

Right now, all you get is a picture of my arrival yesterday (sadly, I’m not one of the awesome-looking military people, but behind the camera as usual). It’s quite interesting to compare this picture with the picture I posted in the first post on the blog – the scenery has changed a bit, and so have the colors – a lot more green now than the last time I landed in the Snowman Airport!

I’m still a bit ‘ruled out’ because of my pneumonia (probably should have stayed home a couple of more days – sorry, mom – but I just had to get back up here!), still on penicillin and all, so I really need some sleep, but in the following days (as in: tomorrow, hopefully) you’ll get a lot more pics and updates – and I’ve got big, big news for you, so stay tuned!

Peace out


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