Oscar is also growing out his antlers, just like the male reindeer are. But, since he only just shed his, he’s a little behind. So far, he’s gotten two small bumps on his head, and both of them have closed just fine (you might remember the picture from earlier, when he had just shed his antlers, and had two red ‘holes’ on top of his head…)

Oh, and progress with the deer! Not Oscar, since he’s such a wuss, but the females are a but more gutsy – so far, I’ve been able to make them calm enough around me to eat their food out of my hand! They first did it a couple of days ago, and when I came back from the morning feeding I happily told R about it (yes, I was a little proud of it!), but she just said ‘Yeah yeah, they do that’. Oh. Okay then. Never mind I actually felt that I’d worked on something and that my work was rewarded.

Anyway, I’m still going to believe that I’ve done a good job, making them used to me and calmer when I feed them… Maybe next step will be to ride them?


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