I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll explain it again, a little more thoroughly this time.

Two of our bears; Salt and Pepper, live with two of our wolves; Ilja and Silmu. The four of them share a big enclosure, and thrive in each other’s company. When food is out of the picture, they can be seen lying closely together, wolves and bears, without any conflicts. They’ve been together for quite some time now – several years – and it’s going well.

When it’s feeding time, there is sometimes a little trouble – or, not trouble, really, but the wolves can be very sneaky! When we do the feeding, we try to separate the wolves and bears by calling the bears into the smaller enclosure – ‘the yard’, we call it, to which the entrance is always open for the animals to go through whenever they wish – while at the same time keep the wolves outside in the bigger enclosure. There is a corner where the big enclosure and the yard meet up, and that’s a good place for us to stand and feed the animals, because from there we’re able to throw meat to both the wolves and the bears at the same time, and thus preventing the wolves from creeping into the yard and stealing the meat from the bears – and preventing the bears from running out into the big enclosure and scare the wolves off!

It’s not always easy – and, as you can see in this picture, the wolves often go into the yard anyway. Especially Silmo – Ilja, the female, is a bit more weary of the bears than he is. At other times, it’s Pepper who suddenly sprints through the yard and out to where the wolves are being fed.

One thing that helps on a feeding is when we give the wolves goat, because the bears don’t like it and won’t eat it… Picky bears, I know! But I must admit that the smell of goat doesn’t exactly make my mouth water, either…

In this picture, Silmu already stole some meat and is standing right outside the yard, eating – and Ilja has ventured into the yard, looking for scraps. I’ll see if I can get some footage of the wolves and bears together during feeding time or a guiding, and show you what I mean by sneaky wolves and bossy bears…



    1. At the moment they get meat and pellets (they contain ingredients such as fat, wheat, rye and vitamins), but when summer comes they’ll probably get fruit, fish and such things. Right now it’s really important that they can eat as much of the pellets they want, and that they get a good amount of meat every day, to help them build up their bodies again after the long winter.

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