A sure sign of Spring (even though it’s still pretty early, at least up here) is babies – animal babies, that is! And we now have our first: a reindeer. Actually, we have three now. They’ve all been born during the last two days, and the third was probably born this morning (it’s so tiny!). Nonetheless, they’re all up and walking around with no problems. So great to see that none of them looks to have problems or were stillborn. Phew!

It’s a bit tricky to get some good pictures of these guys, since the mothers are very protective and take off if you come too close or approach them. Again, this is a situation where I really appreciate the awesome zoom-ability of my camera! Still surprises me every time…

I will try to get some better photos in the coming days – but at the same time, I will not follow the animals around, because they really need privacy and calm surroundings now, while the calves are so young.

But I do hope you’ll like the few pictures I managed to get!


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