Howling wolves

Howling wolves

While I was visiting the wolves, the other animal keepers who were with me tried to get the wolves to howl, by howling themselves. They succeeded, and the wolves joined in and howled along.

Most people imagine that the howl of a wolf is a long, beautiful, even call (I know I did earlier), but the reality is that when wolves howl, they make all sorts of different noises and sounds. As you can hear in this video – which is from when I visited the wolves – a wolf howl isn’t only done in one way, but consists of.. well, a lot of different (and sometimes surprisingly odd) sounds.

(I’m sorry for the poor quality of the video, but since the sound was more important, and because uploading a big HD movie clip takes longer time, and especially because uploading a file in HD means that people who are not on a computer won’t be able to play the clip, I decided that for this one, it would be OK with a medium quality movie clip…)


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