Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Today was the day – today I got to meet the wolves! We (D, A, and me) went into the enclosure with the 2008 pack – the three wolves Steinulv, Luna and Ylva – and sat down and said hello to them. The wolves know A and D very well, and were very keen on saying hello to them, but I did get a good wolf kiss (face-licking) too, and was able to scratch them on the neck, stroke their fur, and feel the thick winter wool that’s hiding beneath their outer coat.

It was amazing to be in there. I wasn’t scared, and I didn’t get an adrenaline rush or anything like that. I was just overly happy. It was awesome! There were a couple of times where there was some bickering amongst the wolves, which meant that you could have a wolf at one time standing right beside you, licking your face, while at the same time suddenly making deep growling sounds, right in your face. Of course, it’s not meant for you, but for one of the other wolves,  but a lot of guests get a bit anxious when that happens. Thankfully, I didn’t. I guess I’m so used to the sounds they make when they’re being fed, and the noise they make when they settle an argument, that I know that it’s just their way of communicating.

Maybe ‘being licked in the face and mouth by a wolf’ doesn’t sound too tasty, it’s really not that bad. They literally don’t smell out of their mouth – not at all like a dog. But then again, is that so surprising? They eat raw meat and bones, and only get fresh, non-processed or manufactured food, whereas the food we feed our dogs t home usually is packed full with all kinds of weird stuff. And they don’t drool or have saliva hanging out of their mouth like some dogs (I’m sorry, but I think that’s just repulsive).

There are a lot of precautions one has to take when going into the enclosure. Thankfully, I didn’t mess it up, and that meant that the wolves didn’t become wary of me, or suspicious. They were calm and curious, but at the same time not all over me. I guess that’s a really nice outcome. This visit also means that I’m now allowed to start training in how to feed them (which, as I have described in an earlier post, includes the zookeeper to stand above the wolves, which can make them nervous), and I actually did their feeding today – and I didn’t mess that one up either! Phew!

So, I’ve put in quite a lot of pictures. I just couldn’t help myself! So, enjoy!



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