Dying Lights

Dying Lights

The other day, we’d had a beautiful day with clear skies and lovely sunshine – which meant a clear night with a moon, being almost full, and stars, constellations, and – Northern Lights!

I didn’t really believe that it would still get dark enough during the night to make it possible to see the the old Spirits dancing in the sky – I had given up hope to see much more of that while I was here, but was I in for a surprise! I don’t believe I can ever get enough of those lights, stirring something primitive, unknown parts of me which I am only able to grasp at while watching the colors in the darkness – and I simply don’t tire of watching!

Apparently, I’m a master of timing. Or maybe the Lights wanted to be seen once more by a human soul, to be appreciated and awed at and longed for as they have been, all winter long – or perhaps I’m just lucky. But at somewhere around 11 PM, I was walking form the Café (the main house) to my little caravan. It’s not a very long distance, and since there’s some outdoor lights connected to the Café, it wasn’t very dark when I walked towards my bed. But, against all odds (being; very light evenings and nights lately, an almost full moon insistently shining all over the landscape, and artificial lights from the buildings all around me), the Northern Lights shimmered stubbornly across the night sky. This time, while I stood rooted to the spot, silenced in awe, taken by surprise (and what a lovely surprise!), with a big grin on my face, I had the good sense to grab my camera and try to get some good pictures. In one way, I succeeded, since you’re actually able to see the sky and the Lights in these pictures, but at the same time, I kinda failed, because they’re so poor… But, alas, I am not a professional photographer, and there’s only so much a small digital camera can do – even though it’s an awesome one – and it was handheld, and excuses, excuses…

It was very short-lived, and I only think it lasted a couple of minutes (might as well be 15 – time flies when you stare, mesmerized, at the night sky), but then it was gone, allowing the pushy moon imitate her brother the sun, letting her reflective rays shine all over the fresh snow on the mountains in the horizon.

So, it’s clear that the Northern Lights are, well, not dying, exactly, but they are on a retreat from the milder, warmer parts of the North, wanting to spend the summer in a colder, darker area on the northern hemisphere. Although, at the height of summer, there will hardly be any place for the Lights to be seen. Maybe that’s a good thing –  we need to miss them if we shall want them to come back. In summer, there’s enough light for everyone, day and night, but in the cold, dark winter, we truly need the Lights dancing in the black sky above us to inspire courage and to help us carry on through the dark times.

And also, I’m pretty sure that the old Spirits of the North need a break – after all, they have been dancing for months.


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