Next step

Next step

Wow! Today, I did my first carnivore feeding all by myself! That means cutting up tons of meat, sorting it for the different animals, weighing it, preparing it all in buckets, loading the trailer and the ATV with all the meat, and drive off into the Park and feed all the non-vegetarian residents! The only animals I couldn’t feed was one of the wolf packs – when the other animal caretakers feed the 2008 group, they have to stand on a kind of ‘tower’ which is built up against the fence – but since I haven’t been inside with those wolves yet, they don’t know me or trust me yet, so they wouldn’t be comfortable with me going up there, and we (especially me) do not want to ruin anything concerning me and the wolves. And, since throwing the meat over the fence is too risky (if I don’t throw well enough I might hit the fence, which would make a lot of noise and might scare the wolves…) So, aside from the wolves in the 2008 pack, I am now ‘licensed’ to feed all the animals!

Of course, I still need lots of advise and help from the others, but I do hope that I’m more a help than a burden by now…

Oh, and I also helped out with a guiding today! I helped out with the lynx and had to feed them and make them jump up in trees while D told the guests about then cats, and then I did the foxes, the wolverine and one of the bears by myself – yes! It went OK, but it was really good that I had D with me, because she could give me some really good feedback and help me out when I needed – and there’s still things I’m unsure about with some of the animals, but still, it went quite well. I guess it just takes lots of practice! So I’m probably gonna help out with the guiding tours this weekend too.

The pictures in this post are of some of the different animals, just a little mix of pictures… Still having trouble with my computer, but I figured I need to buy an external hard disk, so that’ll take a couple of days… Have patience, new fresh pics will come as soon as possible!


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