Snow snow snow

Snow snow snow

Today, I have the day off – lovely! So far, I’ve used it to sleep in late (as in almost 1 o’clock), take a few snapshots of the weather on my way up to the main house, and taking a bath. And here I am, with a cup of tea, sitting in front of my computer and juuust making a quick post to show you guys the weather I woke up to – even though I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t post anything on the blog today, but rather use the time to read up on some info on the animals – since I’m probably going to do guiding tours by myself soon. Way to go, Emilie.. I apparently need to do a little training on self-discipline when it comes to deals I’m making with myself! Anyway, the whole guiding-thing is exciting! Also a little intimidating, though… But I think that the better and faster I learn the stuff we usually tell guests on a guiding, the less scary it will seem, and the easier it will be to handle the guests – both in English and in my best Norwegian… now I just have to learn handling the animals!

And the pictures above show the weather I woke up to today – as you can see, it might not be the best weather for a hike! Hopefully, I’ll have a day off with good weather soon – would love to take a walk and check out the area around the Park.


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