Feeding the Foxes

Feeding the Foxes

Today, I did yet another FoxVisit – this time with 9 guests from Sweden. I asked if they felt more comfortable with me speaking English or trying out my mix of Danish/Swedish/Norwegian – they chose the first option. Usually I really like to speak English, but I must admit I was a little annoyed by their choice – I mean, if anyone asked me, I would say that I am pretty capable of making myself understood in Swedish (most of the time, anyway…). But oh well, if they want me to speak English, then I shall gladly do so. And yes, admitted, it is a little easier to just go into English – and probably less confusing for the guests. I still don’t think I am really content with my Norwegian, so I will have to speak only my best Norwegian from now on, and hope that I pick up on the tricky parts soon. A inconvenient thing is that where I’ve been used to talk Norwegian is in a whole other part of the country – which means that there a a lot of small words which I have to learn anew to get right… A good thing is that S, one of the animal caretakers, told me that my way of speaking a mixed Danish/Norwegian was really good, and that I was good at articulating, switching some Danish words into the Norwegian ones, and making myself understood… So, it’s not all bad, apparently. But I can do better – I know I can – so I will have to make a little more effort to change my immediate way of speaking into a more Norwegian-ish way of expressing myself. The tricky part is that I hate it when I say the words wrong, or if I don’t think it sounds exactly as the others say it – but I will just have to overcome that little perfectionistic trait and carry on.

Back to the FoxVisit – we were all speaking English, and it went really well. They had a lot of questions, some which I couldn’t quite answer, but luckily D (another animal caretaker) was sitting outside the fence to see me do the FoxVisit and to give me feedback afterwards, and help out during it if I needed, and she could answer the questions. I think the guests were very happy and satisfied with the Visit. I also helped with getting the foxes to sit on people’s shoulders, which makes for really good pictures. The tricky part is keeping the fox from putting it’s pass on people’s heads and face- because their claws are really long and sharp, and it can be quite uncomfortable.. it happened once or twice, but it wasn’t too serious and everyone came out with both eyes still perfectly working, but it’s a thing I have to work on. It’s especially important if there are kids inside, doing the Visit… Thankfully, D has given me some good tips on how to ‘control’ and steer the foxes around with food, while they are on people’s backs and shoulders. Now I just can’t wait to do another FoxVisit and really make an effort to keep the guests happy, with no claw marks on their cheeks!

The pictures in this posts were taken yesterday by R (animal caretaker), who suggested that she could take some pictures of me while I was feeding the foxes. I think se did a great job, and the pictures turned out really good! Thank you so much R!

 – Oh, and the fox on my shoulder is the female, Blanch (you can tell her apart form the others by her very white face, and slightly smaller size) – and on the ground are her two brothers, Hanki and Goupil.


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