More responsibility

More responsibility

Today, I did my second FoxVisit – so much fun, and I think the guests were satisfied with the experience too… Which is the most important thing, of course. But I do love to be in there and interact with the foxes… And I am only happy to give the joy of such a visit on to the guests which are inside the enclosure with me!

I also assisted on a guided feeding tour for a big group of guests, and I was entrusted with the task of going into the fox enclosure and feed the foxes while I told the guests about these animals… Very exiting! I forgot some small parts, but R (the animal caretaker who was doing the guided tour) was satisfied with my work – so I was satisfied, too.

In the picture from today, you’ll see the Park’s wolverine, Arne. He’s named after the Mayor of this commune, since this commune’s coat of arms is the wolverine. He’s very used to people (not socialized, though), so he usually comes up close to the fence when there’s a guiding or he is being fed. Which is great, because you almost never see these guys in the wild, even though there’s lots of them. They’re so shy!


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