Military exercise

Military exercise

In the area of Norway that I’m in, there’s a very big military base. This means that there’s often exercises out in the wilderness we have here, but that requires some transportation of a lot of soldiers with full packed bags and survival equipment in big chunky military vehicles. These vehicles drive very slowly, so if you get caught in one of those queues it can take some time! That is actually what happened when I arrived a weeks ago and was on my way to the Park – which took a little longer than usual!

So, what you see in this picture is a group of soldiers on their way to the woods. We had some very cold nights those days, so I do hope they brought some warm clothes! I sure don’t mind being inside a nice warm cabin instead of sitting in a little tent outside..

– If the picture is gritty or a bad quality, click on it, and a new page with the good-quality version of the picture will appear.


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