Brownie time

Brownie time

Today after work, D (one if the animal caretakers) offered to give me a ride to the store (and back again – thank you so much!). So I went and got what I needed – the Park is a bit isolated, and seeing that I don’t have a car, it’s a little difficult to get to a grocery store… thankfully I have thoughtful people around me.

I’ve heard a little bird sing about how bringing cake or sweet snacks to the staff here in the Park really boosts your status – so, because of that, and as a thank-you-for-the-ride-back-and-forth, and because I love baking, I’m busy making brownies tonight.

I’ve tried a lot (as in, very very very many – ask the family-) different brownie recipes, and in the end, I actually ended up loving this Norwegian Toro brownie-mix the most. Seriously, it gets the right consistency, being gooey and soft and sticky and crispy and crunchy and just.. I’m tempted to say ‘perfect’, but you get the idea. It gets really good. Like, every time. So, of course I’ve been itching with impatience to get my fingers on one of those bags and get a chance to make this! Especially because you can’t get it in Denmark – only Norway!

I haven’t tried the oven here before, so I’m hoping for the best… Let’s see, Judgment Day is tomorrow when everybody gets to eat it!



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